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My boyfriend and I don`t make the healthiest choices when we dine out, but when we shop for groceries we do try to eat a lot healthier. We slowly are trying to transition to eating healthier but it`s hard because we both have a busy lifestyle and dining out is the fastest option with no mess included to clean afterwards!

Are you for Organic? There are studies that show eating organic makes you live longer, healthier and there are studies that show just eating healthy is good enough but, whichever you believe you could follow. I generally buy organics for items that could potentially be sprayed with pesticides or chemicals (lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, strawberries, blueberries, etc) and I generally don`t buy organics for items with thick layers (watermelon, bananas, etc) unless they`re on sale. I also found that some organic items could be inexpensive if you find the right store to shop!

For example:
- Trader Joe`s Organic Baby Spring Mix 5 oz (triple washed) for just $1.99 compared to your local grocery stores pre-washed salads could be pricey and not even very fresh or green!
- Trader Joe`s Organic Cherry Tomatoes (10 oz) for just $2.49

Both items for $4.48, to complete the salad you could add some sort of protein (chicken breast, fish, ham), shredded cheese, croutons, topped with dressing) and have an affordable salad and also healthy!

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