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So I think about last week I posted a blog about my industrial piercing. I posted that about when my piercing was 2 weeks, but it has now been almost 4 weeks and I have already changed my bar. Now, I have had a few piercing before and I know that a piercing should never be changed until 6 weeks, but this piercing has its reasons.

Now, I will firstly tell you about the bar I changed it too before I tell you the reason I changed. I am now currently using a smaller rainbow Titanium bar. The bar not only looks awesome and depending on where you stand when you look at it, it changes colour, but Titanium is a very close relation to surgical steel (or at least thats what my piercer said). By having this titanium bar in, it is a saved metal to use in a piercing.

Why did I change to early?

Where my industrial piercing is, its a very frigidity, touch place and therefore having a long bar is bad. Whenever you have a piercing, the biggest thing is to leave it alone and try not to touch it and this can be hard when you have such a big bar in a small area. My piercer told me that if my bar is too big and the piercing gets irritated by this, after 4 weeks I am aloud to change it to a titanium bar. Ever since I changed my bar, it has healed alot better since the big bar isnt irritating my piercing when it gets touched.

Overall, this is my favourite piercing. I have heard of alot of people have trouble with this piercing, but I havent. It has healed well so far and barely even been swollen. If you wanna get a piercing, dont be afriad, it isnt that bad at all.

Also, I am not a pro or anything, but if you have any piercings I can try to answer it. I have/had over 8 piercings so I can try to answer them for you.


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