INDULGE! Last Friday morning, me & my mom went to Pathmark. When she was on line, my mom sent me to look for Haagen Dasz ice cream specials. I couldn`t find any,
but I did come back to the line with
Starbucks Mocha Frappacino. It was on sale for $2.99. That`s a deal, well I think so! Since its originally like $5.99. I tried a little bit of it and its good. I`m having a bit more for dessert with whip cream and pieces of chocolate that you see on the pictures above too :)
Have you tried Starbucks ice cream? What`s your favorite flavor?
GUESS WHAT! See that last picture? Well you`ll never believe it (well maybe some of you will) but, that is chocolate. It is the same chocolate as one of the bars from the /viz/chocomize-it-again. Its actually the Milk Chocolate bar with Whole Almonds & Dried Strawberries. It`s hard to believe, isn`t it.`s the story... On Friday after class, I went with my best friend, co-workers & boss up to a camp where they want to film a show for the girls scout show, about how girls scout was started. It was kinda hot during the day and it got colder at night. The chocolate was in my purse the whole day, I ate some of it in class, but afterwards I completely forgot I had it on me. When we were heading to the camp, I put my hand in my bag and I felt something and I took it out and noticed it was completely melted. Like
completely! Then we went looking for spots throughout the camp. On the way back home around 8ish, I put my hand back in my purse, nothing was melted. The chocolate was completely
frozen hard. The cold weather worked wonders on the chocolate. I`ll just use this and crumble it up and throw it over my ice cream. :)
Its a funny story, isn`t it?

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