Indoor Swimming Pool!

3 years ago

Ever get bored and decide to look at houses for fun?
Or is that just me?

I think thats just me lol

I remember before going on winter break, my roommate and I decided how we planned out our `future` house. And because of that, to make time go by we looked up houses on sale just to see the inside of houses. I looked up the company that built the house I live in and its sad to see that not a lot of houses have formal living and dinning. Now I know why my mom wanted a house with that. And thinking about it, in the future when I want to buy a house its going to be harder to find a house with that layout.

But in a more fun idea or a fantasy house for me. Having a pool or indoor pool would be amazing! Right?

This house is somewhere in California. I love to look at the pictures of the MILLION DOLLAR HOUSES and damn some are so much that I can`t even deal but just admire the interior design. This one was one of them. I mean there are some aspects I like but I can`t deal with at the same time. But the one thing I love about his house is the Indoor pool! Swim at night during the rain, when its hot or cold; swim anytime any weather!

Houses milliondollars

What do you think of this house with a indoor pool?

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