Individual spinach rolls

holy guacamole I am stuffed !! tonight I decided to make these little individual spinach rolls for dinner and they were gooooood !!! I`m sure there are tons of recipes for this but you know, this is my own little "latina" take on it for various reasons. my husband`s cheese list has maybe 3 different kinds on it at most so it`s hard to make those yummy cheese dishes. this is just my take on a recipe I found somewhere. I do not measure things unless I`m baking btw but if it works for you ... sorry, I can`t help you LOL this is a strictly eyeballed recipe

I cooked some lasagna noodles for about 10 mins just so that they`d be pretty al dente, if you over cook them then they`ll tear really easily and rolling would be well, very difficult. in a bowl I mixed some part skim ricotta cheese (about 1/2 of this little container), some mexican queso fresco, mexican cotija cheese, an egg and a package of (thawed) frozen chopped spinach, salt & pepper of course. super simple right? I then schmeared the mix on the noodles and just rolled them. I placed them on some spaghetti sauce I had already put on a glass baking tray, covered them with more sauce and sprinkled some cotija cheese on top. I then popped them in the oven at 350 for about 25 mins and that`s it !!

if you`re wondering what cotija cheese is like - it`s similar to parmesan cheese but a little stinkier, very good. you can either find it in a block or already crumbled, either way it does crumble very easily. queso fresco is very moist, has a high water content and is soft. these two are his favorite cheeses by the way. as you can see, the result is beautiful. this is probably a really easy way to make individual lasagnas as well which I might have to try later on.

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