Indian Dessert - Gulab jamun

4 years ago

As part of our Indian catering, the restaurant was nice enough to include a free dessert for us =)

This dessert is called Gulab jamun. It`s very similar to the Greek dessert Loukoumades, which are fried dough in honey. Similarly, they resemble our donuts.

Gulab jamun is basically fried dough in the shape of spheres. The dough is made with flour, cheese, eggs, water and baking powder. Ours also had milk powder inside, which led to a very strong taste of condensed milk. They are then boiled in a syrup made with honey and served alongside the syrup.

You end up with a very sweet dessert. My coworker, who was Sri Lankan, knew how sweet the dessert was so she cut them into small pieces so that we don`t get a sugar shock.

I loved the condensed milk flavoring but this dessert was way too sweet for me. As the dough was boiled in syrup, the entire ball was soaked and dripping with the honey syrup and the entire thing was just a ball of syrup and sugar.

Have you guys tried this?

*photo is mine*


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