Inari Sushi + Shrimp Chips!

4 years ago

Hey everyone! I can`t believe it`s midnight and I`m still on Luuux! LOL anyways, I love inari sushi when I don`t have much time to eat because it`s easy to assemble and easy to transport!

If you`ve never heard of inari sushi, some people might call them sweet tofu pockets. It`s just fried tofu pockets, marinated in a sweet soy sauce. You can stuff it with whatever you like, but I stuffed mine with rice and topped it off with seaweed salad. Sometimes I like to fill it with japanese potato salad (as shown in my picture). I had some extra space so I threw in some shrimp chips. lol

Have you had inari sushi before? It`s really easy to make and is very tasty!

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