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5 years ago

Some of you might know the movie "In time" featuring Justin T. and Amanda S. that recently premiered on movies. The movie seems very interesting and i haven`t had the chance to watch it but im really curious to watch it.
But if you liked the movie or also waiting to see it, there is a way to re-live it a bit by playing the game on your phone. I didn`t know there was a game for this movie but i have download it and tried it out and it seems very intersting.
Like in the movie, you need to catch the time capsules to get more time living and so you have a clock on the top that counts down the time you have until you catch the next capsule and get yourself some more time. You also have different levels with different goals that you will be able to pass on to as you play the game ( im only on the first one but i found this game recently so i haven`t had much time to progress further in the game).
The controls of the game are actually very nice and easy to use. The character will run all the time but you can also make it jump or move to the side and in order to go left or right you move the phone, so it uses the accelerometer, but the good thing is that it has a good sensitivity in terms of the motion detection because sometime these games with accelerometer features are too sensitive and hard to play.

The is free for limited time on the app store, so go check it out.

<strong>Have you played this game? Did you watched or plan to watch the movie?</strong>

(pictures are screen shoots i took)

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