In The Mail: CardCaptor Sakura Clow Cards

4 years ago

A few weeks ago I ordered two sets of Clow Cards from eBay, base on the TV show "CardCaptor Sakura" a.k.a "CardCaptors" in America. I`ve always wanted my own set of Clow Cards ever since I was 8 years old but my parents would not buy them for me and they were only $9.99 at Kmart!!!! But as time past they became harder to find and very expensive. But my Clow cards have arrived at last (One is the original Clow Reed Clow Cards and the Pink Cards are Sakura`s Cards). Now are these fake or original? well, these DID come from China, where they are well known for counterfeit goods but I do not know for sure nor do I care. I`m just happy that I got them.

I paid $33.00 for both and free shipping for them. There were only a few left. Unfortunately, my cards did not come with the Clow book, I was after the cards themselves after all not the book. But I might buy it later if & when I have the money.
See "Source Link" for more pics and info!!!!

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