In-store bought Vietnamese Rolls

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Hey luuuxers!&nbsp;<div><br /></div><div>

So I LOVE&nbsp;Vietnamese&nbsp;spring rolls. I always feel so healthy when I eat them and I love the dipping sauce it comes with. I went to my local Asian mart and I seen they had Vietnamese rolls already made and prepackaged. They had two kinds, one with shrimp and pork and one was a vegetarian version. I don`t eat pork so I got the vegetarian version. The vegetarian spring roll had shiitake mushroom, jicama, carrot, fried tofu, lettuce, mint leaves, noodles. It sounded really tasty so I was super excited to get home and have it for lunch!&nbsp;</div><div><br /></div><div>

When I got home I opened it up and dipped into the sauce and took a bite. It was good however the rice paper was a little bit hard but I ate it anyway cause it was still really tasty. I decided to pop it into the microwave for a little bit to see if it would soften up the rice paper a bit and it did. I was happy and ate the second roll. I was full after 2 of them and I was surprised I really enjoyed them since there was no meat in it. It cost me $2.50 for 3 spring rolls and normally at the Vietnamese restaurant they charge $4 for 2 rolls so this was a great deals.</div><div><br /></div><div>

Do you guys like to eat this?</div><div><br /></div><div>

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