In Norway, there is an interesting bridge.

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In Norway, there is "Atlantic Road" (Atlantic Road), which consists of several bridges, it opened in 1989. More than eight miles of roads located on small islands with eight points, where the road goes over the bridge.
There is nothing interesting in terms of length of road and bridge construction, or the number of bridges, but "Storseisundet bridge" is a unique structure, which leads to an unpredictable route and aesthetics makes this journey special.
Nervous drivers and passengers are just as nervous - be careful! You have to prepare for the mind Storsisundetskogo bridge in Norway.
The road from the mainland in the county More og Romsdal, to the island of Avery at first sight quite credible, quite the contrary - you are terrified embrace. Bridge Road looks like a roller coaster ride height of 23 meters.
But do not worry about ahead of time, it`s just an optical illusion.
The bridge is constructed in such a way that at a certain angle, when you approach it from the mainland, creating the illusion that the bridge does not, and what you see is more like a huge jump.
Known in the area, like a drunken bridge, it is part of the tourist route "Atlantic Highway" and attracts many curious visitors.
The site of the bridge, located on the Strait raised to 23 meters above sea level, and the length of the bridge is 260 meters.
The unusual architecture of the bridge, primarily due to the need to allow passage of ships underneath it, and secondly, the desire of the architect to make a unique facility to attract tourists.

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