In my makeup bag: Review LA Colors Lip Gloss and Glitter Gloss

4 years ago

My love affair with lip gloss started when I was about 3 and ate my first cherry chapstick. I`ve since stopped eating them, now I just seem to collect them. I`ve got a good range of high end to low end and often I tend to prefer the low end because lets face it, a lip gloss is a lip gloss and its going to wear off, rub off, vanish completely, regardless if you paid a dollar for it or thirty.

LA Colors brand is low end brand but its worth it for a few reasons.

1. The smell. They smell like candy. or cherry. or... AMAZING.
2. 1 dollar for a 10mL lipgloss.

that`s all actually that made me love them, because like I said, it`s lip gloss so I already enjoy it! One thing I wish was different was that they would put the names on the tube itself and not just on the packaging. The four that I swatched are 2 Glitter Gloss: Crystal and Copper, 2 Lip Gloss: I *think* are Baby Pink and Beige Delight. I`ve had these for awhile now and didn`t even think about saving the names but from looking online I`m fairly certain that`s what they are.

For a dollar, you really can`t beat it and its worth finding and trying!

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