In Depth Urban Decay Naked Skin Review!

4 years ago

Hey everyone!
I have a ton f reviews to do, and this weekend I`m going to try and get around to a few. I have all the pictures taken, it`s just a matter of editing and typing it all up, haha! The review I am bringing you now though is the <strong>Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation</strong>. For reference, I am in the shade 3.0.

The foundation was released earlier this year, and here`s what Urban Decay has to say about it: <em>"Naked Skin uses light-diffusing spheres to "blur" imperfections for a luminous, demi-matte finish that feels invisible but looks professionally retouched. Naked Skin is oil-free, paraben-free, fragrance-free, and loaded with nourishing ingredients." </em>

I provided 6 pictures comparing my skin with an without the foundation. 3 are wearing absolutely NO makeup, and the other 3 I am ONLY wearing the UD Naked foundation. I used my Sigma Duo Fibre brush to apply the foundation. Now, on to the pros and cons!

<strong>VERY lightweight feeling</strong> - I used to use the MUFE HD foundation and that is SO heavy compared to this. After I apply this I can`t even feel it!
<strong>Awesome Longevity</strong> - Even without primer, this looks great for 5+ hours. With Primer, even longer!
<strong>It DOES make your skin look amazing!</strong> - as you can see, my face is really red/pink so I need a foundation that can help cover that. I also have minor scarring (WAY better than it used to be) and this foundation covers ALL THAT! And makes it look super smooth and flawless!
<strong>A little goes a very long way</strong> - I use about half a pump to cover my whole face, if even that much.
<strong>Buildable Coverage</strong> - I usually only need a small amount, but it is very easy to build the coverage in areas that I need it more.
<strong>Looks Natural</strong> - even if I have to apply more in some areas, I don`t get that cakey face look that I would with other foundations. This just blends so well!
<strong>Good, Hygienic Packaging</strong> - The package is great quality, and I think it looks ultra sleek! I also don`t have tp worry about this pump getting all clogged up or filled with bacteria- and by doing this the life of my foundation in the bottle will last longer! :)
<strong>Looks good applied with fingers, but AMAZING with a brush!</strong> - I have tried applying this foundation a few different ways- fingers, beauty blender, stippling brush, but I must say, application with a stippling brush is AMAZING.

<strong>Need a Brush for Flawless application</strong> - I know this was in my pros, but that is because I <em>do</em> own a stippling brush. That being said, I know a lot of people don`t own stippling brushes! So if you really wanted the potential to create a flawless application, your hand is a little forced to buy a stippling brush (or the Good Karma brush UD offers)
<strong>Pricey!</strong> - A bottle of this is $38. Yes, there are foundations more expensive, but a lot more are cheaper! I personally don`t mind splurging on a foundation, but I know others aren`t as willing to shell out the cash.
<strong>Probably not for those with super oily skin</strong> - Sadly, I don`t think this will work amazingly for those with super oily skin. This does have pretty good oil control, but it`s not a full matte finish, it`s demi matte.

So as you can probably see, in my opinion the pros REALLY outweigh the cons. If you guys want to try this, go to your nearest Sephora and just ask for a sample! :) That`s how I got to try it out, and ever since then I fell in love.

I really hope you all found this review helpful! :) If you have any questions I will answer them!

*pics are mine, Don`t steal!

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