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Eating healthy is very crucial for our well-being as you already know. Your diet does not have to be super strict nor super perfect. The most important thing is that you are aware of what you should eat more of and what you should eat less of. I will give you a few pointers of how I manage my everyday diet which has helped me immensely. Hopefully this will influence you in a positive way!

First and foremost make sure you eat 3 meals a day! We all have busy lives and tend to skip meals and eat a bag of greasy chips or a super-sized muffin just to get by. This is a BIG NO NO! I learned from Dr.Oz to eat like a King/Queen in the morning, eat like a Prince/Princess in the afternoon and eat like a peasant in the evening. This method works wonders! You lose weight and for those who don`t need to lose weight, this method prevents weight gain. Also there are no digestive issues! Eat the most during the day when you are active because while you are in motion you are burning calories and your digestive system is the most active. Also snacking on HEALTHY snacks in between meals. It keeps your blood sugar and energy levels stable.

Some healthy snacks you can eat:

Greek Yogurt
Chicken, turkey or fish (6 oz.)
1/2 cup of brown rice
Organic Green Tea
Olive oil and avocado
Nuts, humus, pickles

Another method to incorporate is to eat healthy foods 6 days a week and have one cheat day where you eat the not so healthy foods. This method teaches you discipline and doesn`t restrict you from eating anything you like. How bout that, right?

Now in terms of the food I eat and drinks I drink, I created 2 groups. Of course healthy and not so healthy:
I usually eat organic foods such as green plantains, potatoes, chicken breast, veggies, fish etc. And for drinks I mostly drink water then there`s organic milk, almond milk, soy milk, orange juice, homemade green tea juice, cinnamon tea, green tea, rosemary tea and peppermint tea. I don`t drink tea every single day because I don`t like to overdo anything. ***Moderation is Key***

In the not so healthy category which I like to call all the `On Occasion Food & Drink Category`, I eat cookies, cake, ice cream, crackers, chips, cupcakes, chocolate. And for drinks: light alcohol such as Moscato, soda and other juices with all that artificialness in it lol.
These 2 categories demonstrate that I am aware of what foods to consume more of and what foods to eat less of. What I find that works for me is whenever I have a craving for cake or anything else, instead of buying a whole cake or a whole box of cookies I`ll just purchase 1 or 2 mini packs or slices of the dessert just to satisfy my craving that one time then it`s history until I have another craving maybe in the next month or so. As I mentioned previously about the drinking water, the same goes for if you choose to buy a whole cake YOU WILL BE TEMPTED to eat and eat and eat that cake til it`s done! Unless you have excellent self-control.

For those of you who barely drink any water, this is what I usually do to encourage myself to drink water throughout the day. I take a bottle of water and carry it with me everywhere I go. According to psychology, we are more likely to eat or drink what we see in our enviroment Remember after Thanksgiving when you had that leftover strawberry shortcake on the table? Remember seeing it all the time and snagging a piece or two on your plate until it was done? Exactly! But hey you aren`t the only one who`s guilty of doing this, I`m guilty too lol! But the point is, by getting into the habit of carrying a bottle of water with you everywhere you go, this alone will encourage you to drink. Sometimes you`ll be drinking without even realizing so! It`s a wonderful psychological glitch! And who really drinks 6-8 glasses of water EVERY SINGLE DAY? My brother says he drinks a GALLON of water per day. I think it`s a bit much if you ask me. As long as you are drinking water throughout the day that`s the most important thing. Don`t wait until you are thirsty to drink water!

Another thing I do is incorporate Turmeric in my diet. Turmeric is a very powerful anti-inflammatory root that`s well-known in Indian and China. I have 2 words for you: GOOD STUFF! It reduces inflammation anywhere in your body and prevents cancer! I speak from experience, this root is A-MA-ZING! As you can see in the pictures, you can buy the root and make your own blended food seasonings or take it in pill form. I suggest you take 2 pills a day. It is good for EVERYONE, sick or healthy. It is especially good for those who suffer from ulcerative colitis, crohn`s disease, arthritis or any other IBD. If you have ulcerative colitis I suggest you make a turmeric enema: cut or grade the turmeric root, boil it, pour into enema then take in and let it sit inside you for as long as possible. You WILL see a miracle the following day!
Last but not least, juicing! I must say juicing is one of the BEST methods of ingesting healthy foods! Dr.Oz has hypnotized me to juice/make smoothies his way:

1 cup of Almond Milk
1/2 a cup of frozen berries
1/2 a banana
2 tbsp. of rice protein powder
2 tbsp. of flax seeds (preferably ground flax seeds) on top

I use this combo but in a slightly different way. I use different fruits and I add veggies since I still don`t like to actually eat my veggies at my grown up age lol. By making smoothies with veggies in it I feel no more guilt because I know I `ate` my veggies another way. Hash tag Life hack lol!
Juicing is also great for those with ulcerative colitis or any other IBD. I saw a YouTube video about a lady who had crohn`s pretty bad and was able to cure herself by blending her meals often on to give the digestive system a break. She also practiced ayurvedic methods to heal herself and it worked! `Let medicine be thy food` -Hippocrates (460-377 B.C.)


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