Improve Your Calorie Burn-Easy Ways To Get A Better Burn

4 years ago

When it comes to exercise, almost everybody wants to get more bang for the buck, meaning, get a bigger calorie burn for the amount of time they have to workout.
There are actually some easy and pretty much free ways to do this and its basically increasing resistance to your workouts, especially cardio. Here are some examples i have in mind when i want a bigger calories burn:

<strong>- Do intervals </strong>- Doing hiit will make you burn more calories after your workout is over than a low heart rate pace.

<strong>- Use weights on your ankles and wrist </strong>-If you are going for a walk as exercise, use these weights. They will increase resistance and help getting a bigger burn, besides they are not to heavy (this one isn`t a free way to do it unfortunately)

<strong>- Choose a path with an incline/hill</strong>- If you walking/running/hiking, do skip the hills or inclines, they get your heart rate up and help build up some leg muscle and increase your burn.

<strong>- Use dumbells </strong>- if you are using a stationary machine for exercise, try adding some dumbells and so some regular exercises like curls with something somewhat light to help keep good form and improve calorie burn

<strong>- Do circuits</strong> - If you are doing strenth training you can get a bigger burn by not resting between sets/exercises.

These are just some of the few i could remember and that i think are easy and actually doable. I hope they help :)

<strong>Do you follow/do some of these already?
Do you have any fitness goal right now?</strong>

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