Impress press on manicure!!

I received my Influenster impress manicure vox box for free for testing purposes .. I must say I am pleasantly surprised! I received the zebra print design called dancing queen and a frost pink color called control freak. I am wearing my second set right now (applied Friday night, and it is now Wednesday) and they haven`t budged and look great!

The first set I applied lasted well over 9 days , so I just decided to take them off myself because my natural nails were starting to grow.

I`m not sure why others have problems with the nails falling off. I am the least bit gentle with mine. I am a secretary so I`m always typing and banging my nails on things. I`m still doing all household chores as usual too...washing dishes etc. however, I do wear gloves.
I have even trimmed and filed them, because I like mine short.

If you follow these steps when applying, I`m sure they will last at least 10 days to 2 weeks! P.S. I only wear the `short` styles.

-Soak hands in warm soapy water and remove excess cuticles.
-Make sure nails are 100% polish free.
-Measure out each nail and line up on table for easy application. (there are tiny numbers on the backs of each make sure your right & left hands match)
-Trim your natural nails as short as you can (looks way better than applying over a longer nail)
-Wash & dry hands.

-Buff each nail with a file until slightly roughened. A tiny file should come with the nails, but I just use my own.
-Wipe each nail with the alcohol swab provided to remove residue.
-Starting with your pinkies, start applying the nails one by one, pressing each one FIRMLY for 30 seconds. Repeat with other fingers, leaving the thumbs for last.

-It says on the package that you can just `peel` them off without damaging your natural nails...but I wouldn`t recommend that (I tried it and it ruined my nails)
-I just bought one of those Sally Hansen polish remover jars (the ones you stick your finger in with the sponge)...I bought the one that specifically removes nail glue, and this worked like a charm with no damage!

I recieved this item for testing purposes from Influenster! All opinions are my own.

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