ImPRESS Manicure Review For Joyride

2 years ago

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A little while ago I received my second VoxBox from Influenster, the imPRESS Manciure Canada VoxBox. In the box, I received two sets of Broadway Nails ImPRESS Press-on Manicure in the colours Joyride and Shout. Before I go on, these products were sent to me for review from Influenster. The colour I am wearing in the picture is Joyride.

Why is ImPRESS Press-on Manicure is the `revolutionary way to apply polish.
1. No glue means no drying time! Just peel the plastic tab and press on the nail.
2. Superior, lasting shine! These nails still shine after a weeks worth or chores and other shenanigans.
3. Easy and fast removal! Just gently peel from the sides and remove or apply polish remover around the edges for one minute and peel off.
4. Lasts up to a week! If you applied the nails correctly.

What does one set comes with:
-24 nails in 12 different sizes
-One nail prep pad (rubbing alcohol)
-One tiny nail file
-Instructions (on back of box)

Something you should know, you can only use these nails once!

-Before applying, wash your hands thoroughly and use the prep pad.
-After finding the right fit for all your nails, line them up so it would be easier to apply. It is recommended to apply the thumbs last. P.S. The plastic tab is meant to face your cuticle!
-Since it is somewhat difficult to remove the plastic tabs, I recommend using tweezers to make the process easier and quicker.
-When you are pressing down the nail, make sure to apply pressure down both sides and the middle; this will help them stick on for longer.

-I love how these Broadway Nails ImPRESS Press-on Manicure fit my tiny nails! From other brands, I find it difficult to find all ten nails that fit. Something I wished they would do is come out with a petite version of the nails, since I found some of the nails to be a bit too big where Id have to file them down a bit before applying.
-The only problem I had was the thumbs; no nails fit my thumbs correctly. The majority of the thumb nails were too big, where Id have to file them down. I found that at the two corners near my cuticle, there would be these gaps where the press-on nail would not cover. I think its because the edge meant for the cuticle is too round.

-Currently have these nails on as I type. Right now its been 7 days since I first applied! And by the looks of it, these will last past the 9 day mark (which is the longest Ive had them on for)!
-What I love about Joyride in particular is that the whole nail is the same colour, so you cant see any nail wear! It looks as if youve just put them on! Unlike Paycheque (the leopard print ones I wore about 5 months ago), where the print was just painted on, Joyrides colour wasnt painted on. I wish all of their nails were like this!

-Since I have these nails on, I haven`t had the experience of removing these nails in particular. However, due to previous experience, the removal process was quite easy. I could pop off majority of the nails, but the thumbs were the hardest to remove.

-I definitely recommend these nails for any girl that wants salon looking nails without the price tag!
-For the one colour nails, the price is around $8.99 (CAD) and for the pattered ones, they are about $10.99 (CAD).
-There are so many styles and designs you can choose from. Ranging from natural such as the French Manicure to something bold and bright.
-You can find these in various stores such as Walmart, Target, London Drugs, Jean Coutu, Katz, Loblaws and more. (Based on Canadian locations).
-24 nails in 12 different sizes are great for fitting all nail widths! The nails also come in a range of lengths.
-The tips are made of a `rubber-like` material and I love how they don`t snag on things like plastic ones. And they also don`t hurt if you scratch yourself.

Some of my friends thought I went and got my nails done when they saw these but I`m happy to say I didn`t! I saved myself a bit of cash and got some gorgeous nails that were bright and fabulous! Also, I recently visited Bath and Body Works, where an employee thought I got them done and asked me what colour I was wearing. But I surprised her and told her that these were imPRESS Manicure Press-On nails and she couldnt believe it. She was so shocked that she had to call her manager over! Her and her manager loved the look of them and the price tag sold them. They told me that after their shift, they were both planning to go together to Target to pick a pair up!

The first picture is when I first applied them. The second picture is after 7 days of wear! Can you tell the difference? Not at all! :)

*Pictures belong to me*
*Product sent for review from Influenester*

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