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I wanted to share this I know most of you will think im crazy sharing personal details but its an issue world wide and ive had a good experience using it. I did a review a few months back on youtube of the birth control IMPLANON and wanted to share it on here:) there are LOTS of forms of birth control and they are all great and diff types work for diff. people ive been on almost all of them and was scared to get this at first but after having it about 4 months im glad i switched from the depo shots to this! There are stories about ppl bleeding the whole 3 years this last and such but i dont have a period at all anymore thankfully! and havent had any bad symptoms except being a bit more emotional but it doesnt affect my life. Implanon is a stick like thing that goes into the upper arm it lasts 3 years and inserting it is pretty painless they numb you i have a tiny tiny scar but its fading:) it hurt for about a week after from the bruise just when i would bump it but motrin took care of the pain. Its a great choice for people like me who forget to take meds, its the only birth control safe for breastfeeding, it actually helps you LOSE weight, and for migraine suffers like me its one of the safe methods we can use no estrogen. Anyway just wanted to share:) some of you might think im weird but i hope at least some have good feedback on it too and maybe will try it in the future :)
the photos attached are the official packet your dr gives you its my packet when you ask for info about it and again when you get the implanon it comes with a consent form you have to sign and an ID card stating the number of your implanon and the exact date you have to have it removed the other photo is of mine when they first put it in

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