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Hello luuuxers im making this post to talk about Imessage...
If you have an iphone or other device from apple you know what i will be talking about.
So imessage is like bbm the blackberry messenger but better.. i use imessage and i can say that it is really more faster than bbm :)

I didn`t have imessage until i made the actualization to ios 5.0.
Whith the actualization imessage is even more better :)
Imessage for me is the best thing that apple made since it is really free.
If you never tried this app you should test it, i think it is on the apple store for free.


Leave your opinion on the coment section below and dont forguet to like,share,add and follow me plese :)

Do you use imessage?
What do you think of it?

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