IMAX Cinema coming to Airport in Hong Kong!

When I first ever traveled out of the state by myself to visit my sister in Indiana, Indianapolis about five or six years ago -- I had a 6 hour layover!!! Then technology wasn`t a huge "hit" so I didn`t have a smart phone so the only thing that was with me to entertain myself was a huge book filled with word-searches and my iPod nano.

But now in Hong Kong there will be an <strong>IMAX Cinema</strong> coming! Having a cinema in the airport is a clever idea for both travelers and to the airport/cinema to make profit. While at the airport we are all finding ways to kill time but travelers don`t usually want to buy or shop from the overpriced stores but I am sure many would rather pay the double cost for a movie ticket because its ensuring them they will kill about two hours and be entertained as well.

Anyway, specs of the screen will be 13.8 meters high, 22.4 meters wide and will have 358 seats! The cost of the ticket isn`t bad. It`s actually $150HK which is equivalent to $7.75 US, cheaper than the standard cost of a movie ticket right now.. Movies that will be played are 2D and 3D.

<strong>Would you travel more if you know there is a movie theater around so you won`t be crazy bored?</strong> To make more profit, travelers can check in their bags temporary for the movie and the cinema can profit more off that too, lol.

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