Imats LA 2013

I finally got a chance to attend Imats in Pasadena this year, sad when you think about the fact that it`s all of 45 mins away, yeah, I know, such a waste but anyways, I`ll add one more post to the zillions of blog posts and videos and such about Imats.

when I got there, the line was surprisingly short, I was kinda shocked. When I got inside - wow it was loud !!! very full, packed with people, lots of booths, yet honestly, I kinda expected more. I think that`s gotta be because you always hear from the youtubers that it`s huge and it`s great and so much stuff but in reality it`s maybe the size of two school gyms put together. these exhibitors have their normal stock, the same things you can find online you`d find there so it`s not like they have special "imats" stuff. I think the only difference is the 20% off for regular people like me.

the sigma booth has the most ridiculous line ever, yeah no, I didn`t even bother. I did however took a picture of Tiffany D because I was curious to see if she`s really that pretty in real life and I gotta say - she is.

I stopped by quite a few of the booths but didn`t really buy too much, my haul is coming up next. the thing that really me was the special fx stuff, oh man, way way too cool for words. they had a section with hard core special fx and I swear, a couple of the items they had on display were so real, so real - they looked like they were about to start talking and they had, I would have fainted, one of them was this HUGE Abraham Lincoln face that was beyond words

the highlight of my day - aside from the shopping and hanging out with two amazing women - meeting Glenn Hetrick. holy freaking Glenn !!!! if you watch the sy fy channel, there`s a show called Face / Off, again, all special effects and he is one of the judges. he is one of the makeup artists who has worked on Buffy, Angel, the x files, Legion, he does costume designs for Lady Gaga, and countless other movies. he looks very hard core on tv but he was a gentleman and very sweet, I geeked out in a major way since I`m a huge fan of the show and my oldest wants to go into that field of makeup, I`m like super cool and awesome to her right now LOL

even though I expected much more from Imats, I was very happy and glad I went, I had a great time, I met amazing people, did some delicious shopping and I`m for sure going next year !

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