IMac Made Out Of Gold

5 years ago

Apple makes beautiful products, even thought they are overpriced, i think they are usually well liked in terms of design and set a trend that other manufatures try to copy sometimes.
I usually like Apple products in terms of design and wouldn`t change mine but in case you don`t want the original design and want to be different, with something that just screams money when you use it, this iMac might be it.

The iMac is a regular 27 inch iMac that was changed by a team/company called Computer Choppers and what they did was change the iMac outside color from the regular silver/black color to real rose gold plate with 24 karat gold. It also has a especial finish to keep it shiny.
How much would it cost to have a iMac made out of gold? Something between $7500 to $10000!

That is some serious cash and i would never spend that much on something like this.
To be honest i like the regular/stock design better and at least is not that expensive. I think Apple products look great already and even though there are services to change the color of the computer, its something i wouldn`t spend my money on and i just rather keep the original design when it comes to the Apple products.

<strong>What do you think of this gold iMac? Would you get it ( even if it was at the same price of the regular iMac)?
Do you have any Apple product or one that would like to change the design?</strong>

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