I`m On the Draw Something Bandwagon

5 years ago

I joined the Draw Something bandwagon finally yesterday. (Also Pin Interest, but that`s another story) It`s an app for the iphone/ipad as well as android phones. I`m not sure if I would call it a game exactly. And in there lies some of my grief. You can compare it to say Pictionary, but you don`t really score points. And you can`t necessarily beat your opponent per se. In fact your opponent would benefit it if they helped you as much as possible.

So in the "game", they give you three words each round from which you choose, easy, medium and hard to draw. After you draw, your opponent has to guess what is that you draw. If that person gets it right, both you and her gets coins base on the difficulty level that can be used to unlock more stuff.

The fun part of the game is seeing how horrible your friends draw. lol Also what horrible guessers each of us are as we try to decipher the hieroglyphics. A few of the Luuuxers I`m playing against include Marie Lisa, Amy Leung, Marlene D and Peonies in Love. Care to challenge me? =D

Talk the TALK
1) Have you started playing Draw Something? What`s the weirdest pic you saw?
2) Did you like playing Pictionary or Charades as a kid?

Source link: http://omgpop.com/drawsomething

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