I`m Just Feeling A Little Asian Today..

5 years ago

The other day after class I went to this little asian supermarket at Melbourne Central to look for something. I was originally looking for these garlic cornicks (bawang na bawang) but I couldn`t find it. :(
I was tempted to get the pork crackers last time I went there soo I decided that I would get some this time. And I also got some chips because they were on special :)

I was so happy that I bought some pork cracklings because it has have been some years since I last had them. God I miss having my asian family living close to us, and eating this stuff like everyday!! I love these cracklings but it`s not something you could eat all the time.
I also love Miaow brand of chips, but I didn`t know it at the time when I bought them. I didn`t know I had them before until I ate them. Ahh I use to eat them all the time!

-First image of me holding the chip: That`s what the pork cracking looks like. They don`t all come in the same shape and size. Some are big and some are small. Some are straight and some are really curly. They are all unique ^.^.. I must warn you now that they can be realllyyy hard and very crunchy, and they can be quite salty.
-2nd image of me holding the chip: That`s the hot and spicy chips from Miaow Miaow. Even though they are hot n spicy I expected them to be mild to no spice at all.. Spicy chips lie. But these chips are like the complete oposite. They are pretty spicy! But like any hot food you get use to it after a while of eating it. But it`s very yummy.
3rd image of my holding the chip: This ones also from Miaow Miaow. I`m not to sure what flavour it is. Because it`s got a green packet so it could be chicken. But it doesn`t say what flavour it is on the packaging so it could be original? Either way I love this flavour!! It`s soo good. Om nom nom nom I should buy a whole box of this and some of the hot n spicy flavour.. But it would be quite hard travailing home on the train with a huge box haha.

Who ever hasn`t tried these should get on it. They are very nice! :D
[[images are mine]]

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