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Let`s talk about the burden of hair. I absolutely hate my leg hair and bikini hair. At first i only used razors but of course we all know the stubble comes back after one day. The next step for me was Nair, but seriously the smell made me want to puke and it didn`t do a thing. Hair Bleaching is good for upper lips and chin but you can`t bleach your arms and have success. I honestly got so fed up with my hair i gave up! I heard from a friend of mine about Laser Hair removal, i was skeptical because laser hair removal just didn`t seem like an actual solution. Yes, I`ve seen all the testimonials on how laser hair removal works but i didn`t know anything about it, for all i know it was a scam.
I started to research laser hair removal and i decided i would invest. It just so happens that i got a groupon deal at Skin Matters for my extended bikini area. It was about $150 for 6 treatments, 6 weeks apart. The treatment center will request that the night before the procedure you shave the area in preparation. You can buy numbing creme, but in my opinion it only feels like a rubber band snap. Depending on the area you choose it can take from 5 to 30 minutes to have the treatment done. Laser is really quick your in and out with no recovery time.
With laser hair removal hair DOESNT just disappear, it took about a week and the hair started to fall out. Literally he hair FALLS OUT!!! After a few treatments it starts to grow back less and less. Laser hair removal is time consuming, for me i had to buy 2 treatment before my hair was somewhat completely gone. If your looking for a quick fix, don`t waste your money. Overall I love Laser hair removal, my hair is gone now and I`m completely confident about my skin!!!!! hairremoval hairfree

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