I`m going to Rehab

4 years ago

That`s it!
I am putting my self through rehab, okay maybe i`m not going into a clinic and you might think my addiction is a joke.
But i assure you it`s just as bad as any other.
I am addicted to soda pop.

i`ve been drinking pop since i was old enough to drink milk, my grandfather used to give me Pepsi in a baby bottle and I never really minded my Soda addiction until these past few months.
I went through a few weeks ago and had my feeding tube removed and the surgeon who looking down my throat through my stomach said i had HORRIBLE Acid reflex and that the acid was burning me up.
And this will sound crazy but i never knew it, i never felt any of the typical acid reflex pains like heart burn, never.
And i`ve always had bad skin acne wise, but recently i`ve been seeing problems all over with it being way to dry! Even after i`ve started applying lotion a few times a day.
And last problem i`ve been having is i haven`t been sleeping. I think a lot of it is contributed to stress but that extra caffeine in my system isn`t helping.

I have spent the last couple days monitoring how much soda i drink on an average day so i can try weening myself off rather than quitting cold turkey because i`ve tried that before and clearly i failed.

On Average i drink 7 cans or bottles of Soda a day,
i`ve already started quitting a little by drinking water and lemonade while out at restaurants.
The hard part will be quitting at home where there is always soda and hardly juice.

My journey starts in the morning, wish me luck!

<strong>Conversation starters</strong>
Do you have any addictions like mine?

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