I`m going ORGANIC!

4 years ago

Okay so I`m on this journey to improving my health and trying my best to go organic. I don`t think that I can do this 100%, but it`s baby steps right? So my family and I have never been the one to `eat healthy` although there were a lot of fruits and veggies in our meals. We ate a lot of steak, drank too much sugary drinks, etc just like a lot of families out there. So the older I get, I realize that I need to do more than have a balanced meal.

I was reading an article online where there are 5 foods that you NEED to go organic just because it can be quite toxic to your body even if you rinse them through running water. I can`t remember what they were, but I`m going to take a stab at guessing and say it`s strawberries, blueberries, milk, apples, and eggs.

So far, I`ve gotten half of my groceries by organic farmers and the other stuff just isn`t readily available for me. I don`t eat much meat now because I`m so scared of those pesticides/growth hormones etc. Plus, organic meats are insanely priced so it`s easier to stick to what is more affordable and healthier.

What do you think about going organic?

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