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4 years ago

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Since my boyfriend and I have moved in together I`ve gone from eating Lean Cuisines to actually attempting to cook and I`m not exactly complaining. I don`t know whether it`s something that happens to all girls or if I`m just a nut but I enjoy coming home to a nice home-cooked meal &/or having him come home to one. Our work schedules even sometimes permit for us to cook together and that`s my favorite. I can`t sit here and say we`re amazing but hey, we make some pretty damn good food haha.

This one I`m showing you is potatoes - before & after. All we do is get the tri-colored sack of potatoes (red, purple, & yellow) from Trader Joe`s, wash them, and quarter them. We then put them in a bowl with garlic & onions (that we chopped up as well), pepper, salt, and olive oil. Toss them around for a bit, put them in a baking dish, & then in the oven for about 25 minutes or so! We heat the oven to about 425 and play it by ear with the potatoes. Sometimes they cook for 25 minutes, sometimes for 45. It just depends on how big they were chopped and how crispy we want them.

The 2nd image is the meal that we had (he substitued chicken for a veggie patty, my little vegetarian that he is). I love Trader Joe`s rosemary grilled chicken breast (you pop it in the microwave & wam bam you`re golden) and green beans are my favorite veggie.

The best thing is you always have left-overs because of how hearty the meal is. The next thing thing I want to try is balsamic potatoes... they just sound so yummy! Do you have any favorite recipes when it comes to cooking potatoes? Please share them if you do!

- Cait

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