I`m Being Stalked By A Redneck Barbie!

4 years ago

No, not really. Well....actually yeah!
I went to my school today to set up a few things and sign some crap before I start my classes in October. While I was parking, I looked over at the car next to me, and was so distracted that I had to re-park! Basically, it was a neon pink Chevy S10 truck! Someone had literally painted it with like, house paint because you could see the brush strokes. Also, there was glitter and confetti glued to the entire thing! On the front, there was a license plate with a zebra frame that read "High Maintenance". Also, there headlights had EYELASHES with rhinestone boarders. And let`s not forget about the Chevy symbol, painted pink, that said "Barbie" on it. Did you notice that the windshield wipers and antenna were also pink? I know you can`t see, but on the back of the windshield, there were a bunch of crazy stickers, some for example said "Girly", "And you thought trucks were just for boys!", "I <3 Glitter", and things like that. The inside had pink seat covers, and pink rhinestone encrustings on the steering wheel, and also pink heart decals down the sides! Whew. Seriously, no one would have ever believed me had I not taken pictures!
Why did I say I was being stalked, you asked? Because like 5 hours later, I headed to the library, and when I came out, guess which familiar truck was parked right behind me? CRAZY, right?! I laughed for so long, you don`t even know. This really made my day! And not long after I got in my car the second time, the owner got in it, and it was some old lady. NOW, I have seen everything! xox

*Photos are MINE.
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