I`m Back With a Lush Haul! (First Impressions)

1 year ago

Hi everyone, I`m back with a Lush haul! The past couple of months had been super busy with school and all the other extracurricular activities I was doing, so it was really had to take time out to blog. At times, I rarely had a break to catch some sleep. But now that finals are over, I`ll be posting a bit more frequently but I`ll be back in school in the next 2 weeks so things may change again.

Anyways, on to my haul! I decided to stop by Lush top just pick up my moisturizer. But I ended up getting a little something extra, even though I was tempted to buy some bath bombs.

What I Got And First Impressions:

-Celestial Moisturizer ($24.95): This by far is my favourite moisturizer. I have used this for the past five years and absolutely love it because it works well with my sensitive skin. Since Lush products are handmade, I find that every time I pick up a new container, the batch consistency is different. Some batches are thick while others are really runny. I prefer the thicker batch ones since the product doesn`t get all over the lid, but the one I picked up is a bit on the runny side. I`m alright with it being runny, but the sad thing was that the sales associate decided that it was a good idea for him to flip the container over such that the product would go onto the lid -_- There goes my hard work of finding one that didn`t have product on the lids.

-Honey I Washed My Hair Shampoo Bar ($9.95): Lush`s shampoo bars are really unique and great for travelling. I have only tried one of their shampoo bars before (Godiva) and I didn`t particularly like Godiva because the jasmine flowers would get stuck in my hair. So I decided to opt for a more `clean` bar that didn`t have organic chunks in it. I decided to pick up Honey I Washed My Hair because I love their Honey I Washed The Kids Soap and It`s Raining Men Shower Gel because they smell really good (and they smell the same). Their Honey I Washed The Kids Soap is one of their classics, and I knew I had to try their shampoo bar that smelt like it. The smell is toffee like and even though I don`t like gourmet scents, this one is fine for me and doesn`t make me feel icky in anyway.

-Shampoo Bar Tin ($3.95): Since I didn`t buy a tin to protect the Godiva Shampoo Bar I had last time, it got all slimy since it was constantly exposed to water. So this time, I decided to invest in a tin to protect Honey I Washed My Hair. The tin is made of thin metal and the only problem I see is that it may easily dent if it fell.

Overall, I am really happy to try out the new shampoo bar because it will definitely make my mornings a bit for happy! Hopefully this shampoo bar leaves no residue after showering!

Have you tried Lush`s shampoo bars before?

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