Im back! and have something to tell to you guys that are my friends here on luuux

4 years ago

Hello luuuxers so im finally back and i have something to tell you guys.
Albano carmo isn`t me but it`s my dad, all these posts here on luuux were all made by me, i only used his name because i didn`t have the age for sign up.
My dad knows about luuux and he told me that i could use his name and his information.
I`ve bought an ipod touch on the another account and he knows about it.
I turned 15 on August 10th so i can now be on this site with my name and my picture.
Please don`t unfollow me, i make good post`s and i will keep making.
I don`t know if i change my name because every one knows me by albano carmo but i will think about that.
Don`t hate at me, i only used my dad`s name because i wasn`t able to be here because i was 14.
So now im 15 and i will keep making the good posts and hope you guys don`t hate me. Im still that guy that is funny and love`s to comment your posts and have good time here on luuux...
And a big thanks for s-mack because of all his help that he gave me here on luuux and all the questions that he answered.
Oh and I`m better of my panic attacks so i can come here more :D if you can follow me, i appreciate :)

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