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I have always wanted a iPod/iPhone dock for my iPod nano/iPhone but I feel that I don`t need to because I`m always near my computer and I have speakers and iTunes so why bother? But while staying at the hotel, they provided an iLuv dock and I wanted to try it out and I have to say it`s pretty useful if you don`t have a computer around but in my case I am always around a computer so I don`t really need it. I like that the hotel provides a iLuv in every room and it`s more affordable than an iHome. This currently is around $30 to $40 compared $60+ for an iHome (half the cost) so as you can see the price difference this won`t be as good as iHome but gets the job done.

<strong>My thoughts</strong>
The dock can fit iTouch,iPhone,iPods just not the iPad in this version [this is an older version but there are other iLuv products for the iPad]
I love how it charges your Apple device
Easy to use!
Doesn`t take up too much space
The music isn`t that great when its turned up loud so it`s `alright` if you`re using it for regular hearing..
I tested out the alarm and it`s a loud, will wake you up!

<em>There is also a shaker alarm to vibrate your pillow/bed but I didn`t try that feature out because I couldn`t find it.</em>

In conclusion, I think this is a decent dock and I`m actually considering to buy it cause it`s not that expensive. I can just leave this on my night stand instead of charging my phone to the wall, just more easier and convenient. If you`re looking for great speakers then this isn`t for you. Alarm & charging your iPhone and occasionally listening to music then this would be perfect!

<strong>Do you own any iHome? iLuv? Any i-Products similar to this? Does it come useful to you?</strong>

<em>Want to buy an iLuv?</em>

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