Ilha de Queimada Grande is Snake Island!

Usually in the places universe we talk about places we`ve been to, or places we want to visit but what about places we can`t visit at all because it`s deadly! One of the top places you don`t ever want to visit and actually can`t visit unless you have a permit is an island in Brazil called <strong>Ilha de Queimada Grande</strong>. Why can`t one visit this island? This island is filled with snakes, about one snake per square meter which means you`re never more than three feet away from death. The snake that owns the island are golden lance-heads- they have powerful poison and can grow up to about half a meter long. What do these snakes eat to stay alive? Birds that migrate around and stop to rest, sorry birds. =( There a ton of haunted stories about this island too- people not making it out alive supposedly, quite freaky!

Did you know there was such Island like this?
If you were given an opportunity to visit this island would you?
Heck no! I am afraid of snakes let alone be on an island filled of snakes that is crazy!

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