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4 years ago

One thing I regret not going to in Hong Kong was visiting the Ikea. Apparently, they have amazing food that don`t get served in the Canadian Ikeas.

For starters, they serve steamed mussels in red wine and tomato sauce in their menu. Do you know how expensive it is to order steamed mussels in red wine and tomato sauce in Toronto? This order came up to be about $7 USD, whereas over here, it would likely cost $15!

They also serve shrimp cocktails there. The shrimp is grilled with some garlic salt before hand after its been steamed. You could never find that here in Canada! It looks mighty good too.

And they serve roast beef throughout the day. We don`t even get roast beef on the menu during holidays.

I`m actually super jealous because it seems that the Ikea menu in Hong Kong is about double the size of ours, the food is cheaper and the options are so much better. I love meatballs and mashed potatoes, but I would also love some of those mussels and shrimp. =(

See, I understand the seafood because Hong Kong is a coastal city hence it has an abundant supply of seafood, but the roast beef?! We have cattle farms in Toronto and we don`t get roast beef.

When I looked at the reviews at Open Rice, which is like YELP but for Hong Kong, I was drooling over every photo because their food looks so much better than ours.

Do you guys have these menu items at your IKEA?

*photos are sourcelinked*


Source link: http://www.openrice.com/english/restaurant/sr2.htm?shopid=47358&reviewlang=en%2chk

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