IJW: Moonrise Kingdom Review

4 years ago

Before I write this post, can I just say I`m having a hard time appreciating the majority of Luuuxs posts. Don`t get me wrong, there are so many great bloggers on here who are writing magnificent, well written posts, but it seems as if that genuineness is lost amongst Luuuxers writing about pointless subjects just for the sake of getting points. I`m sorry for the rant, but can we please focus on quality? Write about things that YOU want want to read yourself! That being said, it probably seems like I`m putting myself up, but I`m sick off reading/writing about things are pointless and full of rubbish. Other than that, I adore Luuux, and from now on will focus on something mostly in what I`m interested/acknowledged in, which is the world of cinema.

If you`ve never been into indie cinema, Moonrise Kingdom might just drag you into the vast world of independent films. This utterly surreal tale tells an uplifting story with a hint of dark humour. Showing in most indie theaters, I went to see it last week and fell in love with Wes Anderson`s, in my opinion, best film yet. Once I left the theater, I had a feeling of dreaminess and melancholy. It had quirky children acting that added a touch of innocence, with funny, yet somewhat dark, dialogue. I would give the movie a shot while you still can, plus a mere 8.3 rating on IMDB, and a 94% on Rotten Tomatoes. Not everyone has a taste for Anderson`s artistic approach, but I appreciate his unique style.

Taken from IMDB, the story lines goes something like so...
<em> Set on an island off the coast of New England in the 1960s, as a young boy and girl fall in love they are moved to run away together. Various factions of the town mobilize to search for them and the town is turned upside down -- which might not be such a bad thing. </em>

Oh, IJW is my new abbreviation for <strong> I Just Watched </strong>, where I will try to keep simple reviews on films that I`ve recently viewed. Feel free to do your own IJW!

IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1748122/
Rotten Tomatoes: http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/moonrise_kingdom/

For those who`ve seen it, feel free to share your thoughts. Oh and one more thing, Bruce Willis. Yeah, he`s awesome.

-The movie poster photo is taken from source link below.

Source link: http://collider.com/moonrise-kingdom-poster/150906/

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