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5 years ago

Hello everyone,
We went to IHOP yday (I got lazy to post this so doing it today) after really really long time. We used to go their often but then found pancake house closer to our place so now we go there. Anyways, whole purpose of writing this post is to say that I am so so glad that now they have calories written for ever item on their menu. Also they have few smart and fit options for certain food item. I recently started calorie counting so I was extremely happy and checked out all my option. My husband got original french toast with strawberry (I think 550 calories), I got mushroom, bell pepper, onion with sun dried tomato omelet which was for 320 calories and coffee for both of us. Okay before whenever I went to IHOP, I had a fix order...Chocolate chip pancakes with chocolate syrup and hot chocolate. Yes, I am a Chocoholic...but now with the calorie counting misery I saw 4 of the delicious pancakes were 700-800 calories....but I couldn`t resist so I ordered 2 and me and my husband shared it....I am so proud that I had my guilty pleasure without over doing it. Maybe with one pancake I had 200 calories but its better than having the craving and feeling miserable all day. Also with the omelet I had small bowl of fruits (melon, grapes, cantaloupe). What shocked me was looking at calories for appetizer. One specially stuck out was a large bowl of onion rings are 1250 calories.....a piece of chocolate cake was about 450 calories. 1250 just for onion rings....that`s about calories I should be eating all day and I could have wasted it in just mindless appetizer. I know its not healthy but I didn`t expect that many calories. Anyways our bill was $24.35 and I was glad that I finished my whole meal, because I usually walk out with a box of left-overs. All in all I am glad they have the calorie meter, I don`t know how long ago they started because I just saw it and if anyone did not know....you can try going :)

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