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I remember someone telling me about these a long time ago, and i just remembered. Walking down the street with my iPod touch, listening to music when walking to school, when i wanted to change the song, i had to stop, take off my glove and then with my freezing fingers change the song.
Thinking about it now, i shouldve purchase these iGloves a LONG TIME AGOO!
So basically they look like normal gloves, but with the thumbs and index finger a different shade for the tips.
Now, you can use all your touchscreen devices without taking off your gloves. Seems really handy, and keeps your hands/fingers warm while texting or calling someone.

any questions or comments? write below!
*photo not mine
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Source link: http://www.therandomshop.co.uk/gift-ideas/buy-iglove-touch-screen-gloves-a-unusual-gift-idea-uk

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