IFace Case for iPhone 44S

3 years ago

A few months ago, a friend and I went to eat at Hibachi before a meeting after work. While we were at our table, we were seated next to a young couple. The girl took out her phone and put it on the table, and when I laid my eyes on this case, for some reason I just fell... in love. Lol. It was sleek & cute, but not too bulky. She put her phone face down, and I seen on the back it was labled `iFace.` I immediately went home and looked for this case on Amazon, because Amazon is pretty much the only place I shop for my cases. They have cases much cheaper than what they would be sold in stores. I bought an OtterBox knock off for $3.00 - it was zebra print and had the same amount of protection a brand name OtterBox would. But, I know some people prefer the real deal, and I`m sure you could find brand name OtterBox cases for cheap as well!

When I received my case, I noticed I didn`t get any protective screen covers like other users had claimed in their review on Amazon, but I already had one so I wasn`t too bummed about it. It was kind of hard to figure out how exactly I was supposed to put my phone inside this contraption. The instructions were in Chinese, so I just went by the pictures - you just put one end of your phone in the case and just press down on the other. It goes in nicely & is such a great fit. The back of the case is hard, of course, with the rubber bumper around the sides. Like I said before, it is light weight & isn`t bulky! It fits perfectly in your hand.

I read in reviews on Amazon that customers were complaining about their charger not being able to fit, so I was hesitant, but I honestly don`t understand why anyone has had such a hard time with getting their phone plugged up to charge. Mine fits perfectly and I have never had any problems with it. Another complaint was that the buttons were `hard to push,` but I still don`t understand that one, either. The buttons feel like they are hard to push but are truly not... I think it is the material used to make the bumper that goes around the phone. To turn my screen off is effortless. My volume buttons have no trouble adjusting, they work just fine.

The only things I don`t like about the case is first, it doesn`t have any clear protection for the screen whatsoever. If you drop your phone face down for some reason, your screen may be a goner! It all depends on where it is dropped and how hard, I assume. I would definitely recommend getting a cling on screen protector, though, to at least protect the screen from any scratching, because like I said - your screen is completely open. No protection.

Second, like most cases, using the flash in a room with dim lighting will ruin your picture. The case has a black coating that goes around the hole for the camera lense & flash, but for some reason it still doesn`t stop the pink from reflecting off the light from the flash. I`ve heard that coloring around the outside rim with a black Sharpie may be a quick fix, but... I`m just not sure I want to do that. lol.

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