Iced Green Tea Latte - Starbucks

4 years ago

If you absolutely adore the green tea frapp at Starbucks, I strongly suggest you try this latte. To start off, Starbucks uses a green tea matcha powder instead of actual green tea for both of these drinks, which is COMPLETELY different from actual green tea--you know? The one you use boiling water with a tea bag. So it does have a different flavor contrary to what people usually perceive this drink first off of before actually trying it. If you do search up green tea matcha powder, it has a lot of health benefits to it and other goodies so go go go!

ANYWAYS, after that really long explanation, it has an extremely nice blend of the powder, milk, and (I believe they use) melon syrup. For me it`s not too sweet but has just the right amount of sweetness. And with that I should add that I don`t have a sweet tooth whatsoever. It`s a different flavor than most people are probably used to, so don`t knock it `til you try it. Usually when I let my family try my drink it`s always a 50/50 sort of deal.

At my local Starbucks it costs $3.75 for a veinti which is about $1-$2 cheaper than the frapp. In my opinion the only difference between this and the frapp is the fact the frapp has the crushed/blended ice and whip cream on top!

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