Ice Surf - Surfing On Icy Waters

5 years ago

Every time i think about surfing i think about summer,ocean ( of course lol) and high temperatures, but not all surfers go around chasing the hot temperatures and one surfer did the opposite of what what comes to my mind when i think of surfing.
A surfer in Germany decided to go and surf the man made river called Eisbach but except that in Germany, especially this time of the year, the temperatures are not exactly inviting and the water freeze but that wasn`t a problem since i surfed the icy river. It seems also that is not the only one that likes to do these sports in this kind of temperatures since the area seems to atract more people for sports with low temperatures.

I don`t surf, its actually didn`t mind knowing how to and even though i have friends that do it i never got into it, but i can imagine how hard it must be fighinting off those low temperatures out of water and then inside the water even worse. I do know that their suits help with the water low temperature but i don`t know if they would help this much. I remember when i was in Germany around this time of the year and it was freezing outside, i cant imagine going inside the water.
So, congrats for him for surfing down and icy river and something that i didn`t know it was possible, ice surf.

<strong>Do you surf? Would you go inside a river with negative temperatures?</strong>

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