Ice Packs To The Rescue!

2 years ago

When I got all four of my wisdom teeth out, I was in so much discomfort from the swelling that I couldn`t sleep. And not being able to eat solid food for a week made it much worse! To help me relieve some of the pain and swelling, my Mom was sweet to buy me some mini, soft ice packs since I was complaining about how hard the lunch bag ice packs were.

My Mom told me that it was a bit difficult to find soft ice packs that were small enough to put near/on my face, and she tried looking around a bunch of places like drugstores, pharmacies and medical supply stores. But nothing came close to what she had in mind. So one day she decided to look in Dollarama to see if they might have something. And to her surprise, she did! My Mom was able to find two mini ice packs that were flexible and soft that would fit perfectly on my face. She knew that my favourite colour is teal so she got the blue ones since they are closer in colour than the magenta colour they carried as well.

I was really surprised when she gave these to me and was grateful for her sweetness. And it`s true, mothers truly are the best! These ice packs helped relieve the swelling I had and fit perfectly on my face such that I was able to get some rest.

First Impressions:

- Design: The lids are twist ons which is fantastic since it helped prevent water leaking out when the ice melted. The ice packs are made from soft plastic but the lid is a hard plastic. The body of the ice pack is a zebra print where the background is white and the stripes were bluish-teal.

-Pros: I loved how they are small, flexible, soft and has a cute design on it. And best of all, they were cheap and I can reuse them again if need to.

- Cons: The only thing that bothered me at first was the strong smell of plastic. But after a few uses, they were good to go and the smell was pretty much gone.

-Price: Each ice pack was $2.50 CAD!

Overall, I am really happy that my Mom found me something during my time of much discomfort! It just shows that the dollar store can carry many unexpected things that you can`t find elsewhere for a good price.

Do you have your wisdom teeth?

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