Ice nuts

4 years ago

Hello Luuuxers. Today I will teach you a recipe for a very good ice cream. Maybe you already heard of what is called the Ice Nuts. It`s delicious and I suggest that you exprimentem. But it must have the following ingredients:

2 cup (s) (tea) skim milk
1/2 cup (s) (tea) rolled oats
1/2 cup (s) (tsp) powdered sweetener
1 tablespoon (s) (tsp) vanilla extract
1 cup (s) (tsp) light sour cream
100 gr of minced walnuts (s)
6 unit (s) of egg white in snow

How come, does not take much, thing. Praparaçõa mode is also quite easy:

Combine milk, oats, sweetener and vanilla, cook until thickened. Turn off the heat and add the cream, mix well.
Let cool and then incorporate the egg whites
Place in a suitable container and freeze. When it starts to harden, stir in the walnuts.
Return to freezer and let harden finish. Serve with chocolate syrup.

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