Ice Cubs with Colored Light

5 years ago

There is a permanent search running all the world, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week... The search for the ultimate party! xD

Everybody needs parties... You can chill, socialize, forget the day-to-day routine, forget all the problems in the world for some hours... Everybody loves to have fun. And a lot of people likes to organize parties... It is cool to have the guests saying "hey man, your party is awesome... best party ever in the Universe and maybe in the world too... Yeah!", so if you`re one of those persons that likes to organize parties, I bet that you`re always looking for something to make your party special every time.

So, what about these ice cubes with lights inside? These will be the coolest thing ever in a party. Everybody would love them, try to eat them, still them,

So how is it possible to have ice cubes with lights inside? Well, they are not real ice cubes... They are cubes with a non-toxic gel inside, that freezes at low temperatures. So they are not ice cubes, but they are like ice cubes. Then you have the lights. Each cube has 8 different lights that you can choose between or just activate the random mode. The most cool is that they are powered by the cold temperature. They don`t need any kind of batteries.

So, if you like these ice cubes, you`d like to know that they come in packages with three units and each package is sold by $20, which in my opinion is really expensive... But cool things have a price xD

What do you think of this? Would you like to have these cubes?

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