Ice Creams Don`t Melt?

Did you know some ice creams don`t completely melt? A mother of two noticed her son left his uneaten ice cream over night and over 12 hours later in 80-degree morning, the Walmart Great Value Sandwich did not melt. What`s in our ice creams now a days? She thought it was a mishap so she grabbed another ice cream sandwich and tried again, the ice cream did not melt! When this mother submitted this information to the news, the news put ice creams to the test.

The news tested 3 different ice creams: 1) Walmart Great Value sandwich 2) Klondike Bar Sandwich and 3) Cup of Haagen Dazs for 30 minutes in the hot sun.

- The Walmart Great Value sandwich melted a bit but remained solid and still looked like a sandwich
- The Klondike sandwich melted to an extent
- The Haagen Dazs melted quickly into a puddle

The news contacted Walmart and Walmart responded: `Ice cream melts based on how much buttermilk, butterfat, and cream are in it. Our sandwiches contain less, so they are more affordable. But they are healthy and meet all FDA guidelines.`

In conclusion, cheaper isn`t better. Walmart`s ingredients of ice creams contain corn syrup, guar gum, and cellulose gum. Klondike Bars`s ingredient list is very similar to Walmart`s, with similar gums added. However, Haagen Dazs contains just cream, milk, sugar, and eggs, and vanilla, and NO corn syrup or gums of any type. But Haagen Dazs cost more (smaller quality) compared to Walmart where you could get a dozen for the same cost.

What are your thoughts on this? Isn`t Ice Cream supposed to melt? I find this crazy! I want to just try and see for myself, that`s how shocked I am from this!


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