Ice Coffee w a side of BLT

5 years ago

Yesterday my boyfriend and I went in search of chocolate croissant. We parked the car and headed down to where the café used to be to find it had since closed. Bummer! Since we had already paid to park the car, we decided to walk around and see what we could find. Were both big coffee enthusiasts, so we found this quaint little coffee shop which was VERY artsy and unique. They had sofas to sit on, chairs, booths, lower tables and higher seated tables. Interesting place. We decided to both get ice coffees since we were going to sit inside the shop and enjoy them, not endure the chillier winds outside. I got mine the staple way I always order splenda and skim milk, my boyfriend got his with splenda and milk. Not only did they sell coffee and desserts (muffins, cheesecake bars, chocolate covered smore sandwiches [which I almost bought but my heart nearly stopped when the girl said they were $4.50] etc.) they also sold bistro-type sandwiches. Many of which were very hippy-ish (no offence!) in name and earthy ingredients. Of course the sandwich with sprouts, hummus and sundried tomatoes caught my eye but the BLT caught my boyfriends (it always does for some reason haha). Since we both werent super hungry, but wanted some sort of level of food in our systems, we decided wed just split the BLT. It was $5 and came with a bag of Lays potato chips. The sandwich itself was really good, on a thicker hearty toasted white bread, stuffed with that microwavable bacon, greens, sliced lettuce and it was very light on the mayo. We both enjoyed our sandwich halves.

How do you take your coffee?
Have you ever found a small, quaint coffee shop that you find you enjoy?

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