Ice Breakers Sours!

5 years ago

These are seriously one of my favourite candies! They are labelled as "mints" but I would not really call them breath mints (they don`t really taste minty, either). The package I have here contains apple, tangerine, and watermelon flavoured candy. They are in the form of little round pastilles. They sort of remind me of Rockets (or Smarties, if you live in the U.S.) except they are more sour, less powdery, more flavourful, and last longer. Basically, they are awesome!

My favourite flavour in this selection is the Watermelon. I am really partial to artificial watermelon flavours, and these candies are no exception. I like the Tangerine flavour, as well, as it`s nice and tangy. It`s really quite refreshing! The Apple flavour is my least favourite, though I normally really like green apple flavoured candy. There is a bit of a mintiness to this variety which I don`t like - green apple and mint just don`t go very well together, in my opinion.

Another good thing about these candies is that they are sugar-free, so they won`t contribute to cavities. They are also calorie-free, so they are good if you have caloric or other dietary restrictions.

These candies are great and I would totally recommend them to other sour candy lovers out there!

<strong>What kind of candies do you like? Do you like sour candy?</strong>

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