Ice Bar In London

4 years ago

Hey Luuuxers, i was watching Netflix today and i the show that i was watching on netflix was this show that use to come on BET Network, called College hill, and the episode was about the college student taking a trip to London, which is a beautiful place. And on the trip they all went out to A Bar called The Ice Bar In London, i believe that as the name of it, and they all didnt realize that they called it the ice bar for a reason, Guys it was soo cool when they showed the inside of the bar. on the inside of the bar, everything is made of Ice, the cups you drink out of, the tables, desk, counters, everything you can think off, the walls and poles, it was all made of Ice. and i think that was Dope. like they literally had to wear like these Igloo type clothing to keep them perfectly warm and at a right temperature thats how cold it was in there but it was so cool. now i know where im going to go for as a hang out and chill spot, when i visit London lol which will be the Ice BAR.. how awesome.

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