Ice Age Continental Drift review

4 years ago

Hello everyone!!
This is going to be my first movie review and its on Ice Age Continental Drift. I may be 20 y.o but i still enjoy kids movies! I`m always up for a great laugh and ice age has done that for me with the past 3 movies, this was no exception. I wouldnt want to spoil the movie for those that havent seen it yet but i will bring a few details to light. In this movie out little Peaches (Manny`s daughter) is sort of in her teenage years and due to the changes in the environment her and her mother get seperated from the rest. As always its always Manny, Diego & Sid that are stuck together on an adventure. I love that each of the ice age movies has a different setting and a different storyline, there were definately many many more characters in this one including Jennifer Lopez & Queen Latifa & many more. The story follows everyone`s journey and one of the most hilarious characters in the movie had to be hands down Sid`s Grandmother. This movie surely had me laughing every 5 minutes and showed us different scenerios and emotions. A great movie for all ages in my opinion!! My rating? 8.5-9/10

Has anyone seen Ice age Continental Drift??

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