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4 years ago

Hey everyone! Sorry I wasn`t trying to brag but just wanted to show you all the goodies that I was lucky enough to win from Russion Doll`s giveaway. If you don`t know who /member/eliza-badalyan is, you should definitely check out her page! Eliza posts a bunch in the health & beauty section and all of her posts are informative and fun to read. I am never bored of her posts. She is a really sweet girl and everyone should get to know her. Plus when I was getting the link for her Luuux profile, I noticed that we went to the same university, which is beyond crazy!! When I found out that I won her giveaway, I was so excited. I haven`t entered in a giveaway in a while so it was definitely great winning one. I was surprised that her package arrived so early. I mean I know that we both live in California but I didn`t think that she would mail it so early. So thank you Eliza for mailing everything so quickly and being such a sweetie! I thought that I was going to wait for two weeks or more but I am so happy that it came. She even sent me a message with a tracking number so that I could track the package but I guess that it came a day early. Yay! Okay, onto the goodies that she sent!! If you had entered in her giveaway, then chances are that you would already know what was included but just in case I am going to show you anyways. Her giveaway included four items and one surprise item. When I got everything in the mail, everything came perfectly wrapped in tissue paper inside a bubble envelope. I thought it was so cute that she used pink tissue wrapper and tried a blue ribbon around it into a bow. Plus I really thought that the card was cute and surprise surprise, I think Eliza actually made it!! Its so cute with the pink hearts! So thank you for that too Eliza! Even though I already knew what some of the products were, I was still crazy excited opening everything up. LOL The first thing that I picked up is the
Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles 150 Neutralizer. I have been wanting to try this product for such a long time but didn`t actually want to buy because I heard that the packaging wasn`t well made. I was going to buy it anyways after hearing all the great reviews on it but decided to wait since I heard that Maybelline is designing new packaging for it so I can`t wait for that. I wonder how they are going to redo it. But now I am super happy that I don`t have to wait for the new packaging since I got this one! I can`t wait to give it a try and it definitely looks like it would be the right shade for my skintone! Plus if I end up liking this concealer then I am definitely going to buy the foundation to try out as well. The second item that I won is
IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Full Coverage Anti-Aging Waterproof Concealer Neutral Medium. I have never tried anything from IT Cosmetics before but have always been curious about it ever since I heard about the brand from EmilyNoel83. This is a travel size so its a decent size for me to give the brand a try. I don`t really have any dark circles around my eyes but I do have small little bags that I like to conceal. Plus if the concealer is really good, I might actually try it on my blemishes since its a waterproof concealer. I know that I can`t really expect anything if I wear it on my blemishes and acne since its targeted for the under eye area but you never know. Definitely let me know if you have ever tried this brand before and if there are any products from them that you would recommend!! The third product that I got is another on that I am really excited about. It is the
Estee Lauder Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick 83 Sugar Honey. It has a shimmer finish and is a great color for the fall and winter. I am not sure if I want to keep this lipstick or I might end up giving it to my mom since she is looking for a high end long lasting lipstick. I might end up keeping it for myself because shes a vegan and I don`t know if this lipstick is vegan friendly. I tried looking for swatches online to help describe the color more but didn`t find much. I think this lipstick was promoted during the holidays in 2010 since all the posts that I could find were dated around that time and the packaging of the lipstick is different from their usual packaging but I could be wrong. If any of you guys know, please comment below when this lipstick came out and whether it was limited edition. Either way, I can`t wait to try this out for the colder months since it is a darker color. Plus it smells so good. The smell sort of reminds me of berries. The fourth product is also from Estee Lauder and it is the
Estee Lauder Soft Clean Tender Creme Cleanser. I have never tried any high end cleansers that I can remember so this is definitely great to try out! On the packaging, it says
rich souffle cushions skin as it gently cleanses. Masage onto dry skin, tissue off. I am going to start using this soon and if I end up liking it, I will purchase the full size. This product is targeted for dry skin and since I have combo skin, I might actually let my mom use it as well since she has dry skin. On the Estee Lauder website, it says that it never leaves your skin dry or tight but always soft. Okay the thing that you guys are all waiting for. To find out what the surprise item is! *Drum roll* It is a
Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips 440 Animal Instinct!! This is just so freaking cute. It is zebra print with pink and black. Plus it has pink shimmers on the strips. I definitely can`t wait to wear this on my nails. I love pink and I love shimmers so this is definitely a great surprise!! If you have never tried these strips before, you should definitely give them a try. Plus they have a bunch of other designs that you can try out as well. So those are all the goodies that I won! I just want to say THANK YOU again to Eliza for hosting this giveaway and chosing me as the winner! You are such a kind and sweet person!! Thank you for everything and I can`t wait to try out everything, especially both the concealers and the salon effects!! Plus if you guys would like to see reviews or swatches on anything, please leave a comment before. Also don`t forget to check out Eliza`s page by
/member/eliza-badalyan. Again, thank you Eliza (aka Russian Doll)!! ==================================================================
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