I Went To See The Statue Of Libery!

4 years ago

I went to N.Y. a few days ago with my dad and we had so much fun!!! We got to go on a ferry and went around Staten Island to see the Statue Of Liberty! I am kinda terrified of water and I get sea sick quite often, but I was fine when I was on this ferry. I don`t know why, but maybe because it wasn`t as rocky as a boat??
The boat was pretty packed the day I went, but the weather was so good!! It wasn`t 90 degrees out thank goodness! (It has been so hot these past days after coming back from N.Y.!! I don`t know how I am surviving this heat wave! lol) The water looked amazing that day and there was even a little breeze. The ferry took us to the Statue of Liberty and we were able to see it up close on Elias island. I have been to N.Y. multiple times and I have seen the statue, but I have never been so close to it. Let me tell you, that staue is humongous!! If it looks big to you on t.v., it`s 100 times bigger in real life! The whole trip was amazing and quite moving to be honest since we were able to have a speaker tell us the story about the island and statue. I really miss being in N.Y. now, but the next time I go, I am def. going to take my sister to see the statue!

Have you ever seen the Statue Of Liberty in real life?

**Actually, I seem to be having trouble uploading all my pictures into this post =(... only 1 image seems to want to show up. **

*pictures are mine and were taken with my amazing camera!... Look at the picture of the bird! =) *

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